• Andrea Stanley is grateful to be alive. In October 2007 when she was about 34 weeks pregnant she began having premature contractions which eventually led to her being hospitalized at the University Hospital.

    Mother and Baby Saved

    Voluntary blood donation saved my life and that of my little angel

  • A beach trip on Sunday the 8th of February 2009 ended in nightmare for me and my family. Five days later, I awoke in the Intensive Care Unit at the Kingston Public Hospital. My Mom explained that we had been in an accident and I had suffered tremendous trauma.

    Jessica Brennan

    It could happen to you

  • Below is a brief excerpt from a document my father was writing shortly before his death in July of 2008 from Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML). Although he was writing this for his own website; through which he had planned to share his story of survival and hope with others in similar situations worldwide…

    K.G. Mills

    Memoirs of a Survivor

  • Like most persons, I was afraid of injection needles and the sight of blood when growing up as a child and into early adulthood The thought of becoming a blood donor was, therefore, the farthest thing from my mind as I entered into adulthood

    Rt. Rev. Howard Gregory

    The Gift of Life

  • God has always given me so much experience in laughing, loving, counting my blessings, finding silver linings in every cloud and making everyone I know feel blessed. He has given me a heart that knows how to bless everyone in my life.

    Natalie Peart-Thompson

    A Celebrity of Love, the Gift of Life