• Step One – Registration

    The NBTS is required to keep accurate records on blood donors therefore persons visiting collection centres or blood drives are required to provide personal details about themselves. We also ask for a picture ID/TRN card. Workplace , school or national IDs are acceptable means of identification.

  • Step Two – Medical Screening

    After registration is completed, medical screening checks are done in order to assess if the potential donor is healthy enough to give blood. The NBTS takes every precaution to ensure that the donor’s health is not compromised during the process.

    1. Haemoglobin estimation
      At this stage the staff member will prick your finger and take a drop of blood in order to estimate your haemoglobin (iron) level.
    2. Medical Interview
      The Medical Doctor or Nurse in charge will conduct a confidential medical interview with you and check your weight and blood pressure. You will be told if you are cleared to donate or whether you are deferred temporarily or permanently. If you have any doubts or concerns about your health status before you register, you should ask to speak with a member of the medical team before proceeding as this will save you time.
  • Step Three – Blood Donation

    After successful completion of the screening tests you will be asked to sit on the donor chair and the nurse will take the required steps for you to donate one unit of blood. This stage is approximately 4-10 minutes depending on the individual.

  • Step Four – Relaxation

    The Nurse will assess if you have donated a unit of blood and take the required steps to remove the unit and other materials used in the process. Sample tubes will also be taken for testing purposes. You will be asked to apply compression to donation site for a few minutes and later a small band-aid will be used to cover the area. You will be asked to rest for a few minutes and drink a cup of liquid refreshment to compensate for blood donated. Your unit of blood can help to save the lives of three persons.